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At ‘Robins Physiocare’ we specialize in providing Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation services to our patients. We are in the service of not only treating the aches and pains, but also to provide you with the very best care and therapy that’s personalized for your recovery plan.


We are a multidisciplinary clinic providing a wide range of specialty services including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Neuro rehabilitation, Osteopathy, Hand Therapy and many more.All these therapies complement each other and work in coordination for comprehensive rehabilitation.

Our team is well trained, specialized and experienced to treat and heal most health problems. Our services are highly advanced and sophisticated and all treatment protocols are based on modern evidence-based clinical researches related to Posture, Alignment and Biomechanics of the human body.

“Robins Physiocare” is well equipped to rejuvenate the clients as a whole and bring the vigor and vitality back in their lives through its holistic approach to health, wellness and harmony.

Why Choose Us? Provide The best Physical Therapy


Upgraded Assessment tools and techniques

Highly effective treatment strategies

Cost efficient and customized treatment

Professional therapist

Robins Physiocare

An Ortho & Neuro Rehab Clinic

To Build a State-of-the-Art Multidisciplinary Ortho and NeuroRehabilitation centre based on:

  • Advance Diagnostic and therapeutic interventions
  • Evidence Based Rehabilitation
  • Provide Domiciliary services to Home-Bound individuals
  • Most importantly bring its patient’s smiles back by providing one of its own kind healthcare system with exceptional clinical and support services.