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Cognitive Therapy

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Cognition refers to information-processing functions, including attention, memory, and executive functions (i.e., planning, problem-solving, self-monitoring, and self-awareness). Impairments in functional cognition are common and can result from multiple causes, including Human genetics and/or development, Neurologic disease, injuries, and disorders.

Occupational therapy practitioners focus their interventions on the relationship between the client’s cognitive skills, functional performance, and environmental context to enhance the daily life experience of individuals with cognitive impairment.

How it Works?

  • NCT is any therapy that healthcare professionals have designed to help improve quality of life following a brain injury.
  • There is no single approach to NCT. Instead, it usually involves several experts working together to develop a comprehensive plan to restore as much function as possible.
  • In some cases, the goal is to restore brain function or rewire the brain, helping this organ work around the injury.