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Occupational Therapy techniques
Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Robins Physiocare Offers Best Occupational Therapy in Gurgaon

Occupational therapy helps people when a health problem affects their ability to function. Therapists help people learn how to perform tasks of daily life such as eating, bathing and writing. our occupational therapists focus on upper and lower body functions and muscles that make small movements used in fine motor skills. if your child had an injury, we work with them to restore their previous level of function.

How it Benefits?

Treatment may include moving joints in specific directions and at different speeds to regain movement (joint mobilization and manipulation), muscle stretching, passive movements of the affected body part, or having the patient move the body part against the therapist’s resistance to improve muscle activation and timing. Selected specific soft tissue techniques may also be used to improve the mobility and function of tissue and muscles.”