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Diabetic Neuropathy: Home Remedy

Diabetic neuropathy is a medical condition in which there is nerve damage in people who suffer from diabetes. It occurs because of the high glucose or blood sugar levels in the body. In this condition the nerves of legs and feet are the most affected which can lead to pain, numbness in the legs and feet, foot problems like ulcers, loss of appetite, changes in pattern of digestion or urination.

How to Care:

To prevent or delay the occurrence of diabetic neuropathy, the person needs to follow the preventive measures in daily routine.

  • Sugar Level Maintenance:

The most important prevention is controlling or keeping check on the blood sugar or glucose levels. This can be easily done at home with the help of glucometer which gives information about the blood sugar levels if they are too high or low or within normal ranges.

  • Foot Care

Focus to cure the most common foot problems like ulcers, sores, amputations (If any) by checking your feet everyday if there are any bruises, cuts, swelling or redness. Washing your feet everyday with lukewarm water and keep the feet dry.

Moisturize your feet to avoid cracking, keep your nails trimmed and filed, always wear neat and clean cotton socks, always wear well fitted shoes or slippers to prevent any infections. 

  • Diet: 

Some precautions like eating a healthy and nutritious diet especially fruits, vegetables and whole grains will help in maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Exercise:

Exercises and keeping yourself active helps in lowering the glucose level and increasing the blood flow keeping the heart in healthy condition. Always be in touch with your physiotherapist.

  • Lifestyle modification:

One of the most important lifestyle change is to quit smoking and reduce the consumption of alcohol.

  • Pain Management:

To reduce the pain and fatigue you should learn the pain management and relaxation techniques from your physiotherapist.


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